Is Zoro the most badass?

Is Zoro the most badass?

Zoro is hands down the most badass character in One Piece.

Who is more badass Zoro or Luffy?

No, we’re following the standard definition. And, Luffy’s appearance and overall demeanor just fly so much in the face of the classic “badass” aesthetic. He beat Katakuri, so he should obviously land above him, but Zoro, his duo partner, has arguably done more “badass” things.

What anime characters can beat Zoro?

One Piece: 10 Swordsmen Who Can Rival Roronoa Zoro, Ranked

  1. 1 Dracule Mihawk. Dracule Mihawk is Zoro’s biggest rival, being the man who holds the title of the World’s Strongest Swordsman.
  2. 2 Shanks.
  3. 3 Silvers Rayleigh.
  4. 4 Fujitora.
  5. 5 Shiryu.
  6. 6 Trafalgar Law.
  7. 7 King The Wildfire.
  8. 8 Vista.

Who is the most Goated anime character?

20 Most Popular Characters in Anime History (According to My…

  1. 1 Lelouch Lamperouge Earned 153,744 Favorites (Code Geass)
  2. 2 Levi Ackerman Earned 129, 382 Favorites (Attack On Titan)
  3. 3 L Lawliet Earned 117,735 Favorites (Death Note)
  4. 4 Luffy Earned 117,166 Favorites (One Piece)

Why is Zoro such a badass?

Zoro has had zero moments where he has struggled against his opponents since the timeskip which has cemented him as ‘generic badass’. Zoro is cool and a strong fighter but since the timeskip his role has been to smirk smugly while taking down much weaker opponents which has become slightly repetitive.

Who is the hottest person in One Piece?

Top Ten Hottest Guys in One Piece

  • Appearance.
  • Shanks.
  • }Appearance.
  • Sanji.
  • Apperance.
  • Monkey D. Luffy.
  • Rob Lucci.
  • Appearance.

Can crocodile beat Zoro?

Crocodile is not weak by any means, despite his low bounty by One Piece standards. He willingly fought the likes of Mihawk all by himself. Crocodile is a formidable opponent, given his mastery of the Suna Suna no Mi. However, he is currently at a disadvantage against Zoro.

Can killer beat Zoro?

Zoro then clashed with Killer in order to protect Toko and Hiyori. When Zoro was distracted by Gyukimaru, Killer managed to land a grievous hit on him. However, Zoro was able to take one of his scythes as a result and strike him. After that blow, Killer fell to the ground defeated.

Is Zoro the most popular anime character?

Roronoa Zoro is one of the strongest and most popular characters in One Piece. With the goal to become the world’s strongest swordsman, he is the perfect choice to serve as Monkey D. Luffy’s right-hand man on his journey to become the Pirate King.

Which anime character has been through the most pain?

Top 10 Anime Characters Who Suffered The Most During Their Lifetime

  • #7 Rintaro Okabe from ‘Steins;Gate’
  • #6 Itachi Uchiha from ‘Naruto’
  • #5 Shinji Ikari from ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’
  • #4 Ken Kaneki from ‘Tokyo Ghoul’
  • #3 Natsuki Subaru from ‘Re:Zero’
  • #2 Hyakkimaru from ‘Dororo’
  • #1 Guts from ‘Berserk’

What makes an anime edgy?

There are many factors, none of which are essential, but all of which contribute: Unwillingness to work in a team. Steriotypical “badass” attire (e.g. Black clothing, leather, hoods, mystical/occult looking symbols) Rarely caught smiling.

Who is the cutest in One Piece?

This list ranks the cutest women in One Piece, from members of the Straw Hat crew like Nami and Robin, to side characters like Shirahoshi and Shyarly….The Cutest One Piece Anime Girls

  1. Rebecca. Photo: user uploaded image.
  2. Nefeltari Vivi. Photo: user uploaded image.
  3. Boa Hancock.
  4. Shirahoshi.
  5. Nico Robin.
  6. Nami.
  7. Makino.
  8. Monet.