Is Stain dead in My Hero Academia?

Is Stain dead in My Hero Academia?

Current Arc Stain was still kept imprisoned in Tartarus, along with many other villains, and appears to have fully recover from his injuries.

What did MHA Stain say?

7 “No matter what you want to accomplish, it is necessary to have conviction and desire. Those without it and those who are weak will be weeded out. It’s only natural. That’s why you’re about to die.”

Why does Deku look like Stain?

Both individuals are rejected and neglected by society. Civilians don’t perceive Deku anymore either as a hero or a vigilante. Rather, he’s perceived as a villain because of the way he looks and the way he unintentionally intimidates people while saving them. That makes him a misunderstood individual just like Stain!

Is Stain a villain?

Stain is widely seen as a villain, but he’s not entirely aligned with the forces of evil. He wants to weed out “phony” heroes who fight only for fame and money, and he sees All Might and Izuku as legitimate heroes.

How is stain still alive?

Fans believe that Stain is still alive. It has been said that Stain is imprisoned just beside All For One. With this, fans are confident that Stain will come back soon, possibly by the time Shigaraki saves All For One. If this happens, Stain might attack Shigaraki and it could be another war.

Is Stain a good guy?

Overall Abilities: Stain is an extremely powerful villain who has claimed more lives than any other since All Might’s debut. Stain’s aptitude allowed him to murder 17 known Pro Heroes, and cripple 24 others to the point of being unable to make a full recovery.

Is Stain in love with All Might?

Clearly, Stain’s infatuation with All Might is strong, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Even Endeavor notes how odd it feels for Stain to be an informant, but make no mistake! Stain isn’t on the side of the heroes or the villains.

How is Stain still alive?

Who kills stain?

According to Izuku, Stain’s tenacity completely changed his movements after getting desperate to kill Tenya before reinforcements arrived. Overall, it took the combined efforts of Izuku, Shoto, and Tenya, 3 of U.A. High School’s strongest students, to finally defeat Stain.

Is stain an anti villain?

I know, the title is obvious. But hear me out here: I often see Stain praised. He’s touted as an anti-hero or, more accurately, an anti-villain, but I’m here to propose the idea that that’s entirely inaccurate.

Does stain ever return?

After teasing his return following his breakout from Tartarus alongside the other prisoners All For One had freed, Stain has made his grand return to the series and he had some choice words for All Might.

Is Deku turning into Stain?

Stain might be a crazed hero killer, but he’s also in a unique position to make My Hero Academia’s Deku see the error of his new vigilante ways. Warning: contains spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 320!

Who killed stain MHA?