Is bruising a bone serious?

Is bruising a bone serious?

Our bones can bruise, just like our skin, and a bone bruise is similar to the skin bruise you might see following some kind of trauma. A bone bruise, also called a bone contusion, leaves you sore and may be painful, although it is less serious than a bone fracture.

How long does it take for a bone bruise on knuckle to heal?

Bruised knuckles can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to fully heal. Pain and swelling are normal. If your symptoms don’t improve or begin to worsen, this could be indication of a more serious issue.

Can a bone bruise cause permanent damage?

A particularly severe bone bruise can interfere with blood flow. It’s not common, but this can cause part of the bone to die. If the bone dies, the damage that occurs is irreversible.

How long do bone bruises hurt for?

Bone bruises are usually painful and often last a week or two, but the duration of the bruise can vary greatly and can be altered by the way a person treats the injury. A bone bruise typically occurs when your bone hits something that is hard enough to crack the cortex.

Will a bone bruise show up on xray?

A bone bruise doesn’t show up on an X-ray. Bone bruises are fairly common. They can happen to people of all ages. Any type of bone in your body can get a bone bruise.

Does a bone bruise hurt more than a fracture?

While bone bruises are less severe than bone fractures, they can make the bone more vulnerable to fracture. In some cases, a bone bruise can be excruciatingly painful, severely limit movements, and take several months to heal.

How do you speed up the healing of a bruised bone?


  1. resting the affected bone or joint.
  2. reducing swelling by raising the injured area above heart level.
  3. applying ice to the injury several times a day.
  4. taking analgesic drugs, such as acetaminophen, to reduce pain and inflammation.
  5. wearing a brace to limit movement.