Is AISTATS good?

Is AISTATS good?

Anyone at the interface of AI, machine learning and Stats will recognize AISTATS as a top conference. Ranking A*, as with NIPS and ICML, is a must. Rating: Ramin Hasani wrote: Dec.

How prestigious is Icml?

The International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) is one of the most prestigious AI research conferences (the other one is the Neural Information Processing Systems, or NeurIPS). In 2020, the acceptance rate at ICML was 21.8% (vs. 2019’s 22.6%) — a total of 1,088 papers out of 4,990 submissions got in.

Is AAAI a good conference?

The AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) is one of the leading international academic conference in artificial intelligence held annually. Along with ICML, NeurIPS and ICLR, it is one of the primary conferences of high impact in machine learning and artificial intelligence research.

Is NeurIPS a good conference?

NeurIPS, one of the most important A.I. conferences for academic research, wrapped up today. As always, the conference—held virtually this year—provides a good bellwether on the state-of-the-art and where the field may be heading.

How many papers are submitted to Icml?

There were 1,184 accepted papers, which include 166 long presentations and 1,018 short presentations, resulting in a 21.5% acceptance rate, slightly lower than last year’s 21.8%.

How good is Ijcai?

IJCAI covers a broad range of research areas in the field of AI. It is a large and highly selective conference, with only about 20% or less of the submitted papers to be accepted after peer review in 5 years leading to 2022. Lower acceptance rate usually means better quality papers and higher reputation conference.

Is ECCV a good conference?

ECCV and ICCV (see below) are top-tier computer vision conferences, with the latter generally recognized as the international version in the same area of research.

Where will NeurIPS 2021 be?

NeurIPS 2021 is a Virtual-only Conference. This is a previous year conference. Please choose 2022 in the sidebar to the left.

Who can attend NeurIPS?

You must be a full time student in an accredited undergraduate, masters or graduate program. You will be required to upload a picture in . jpg format of your of your student ID** at registration and to present your student ID as you check in.

Is ECML PKDD good conference?

European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Database (PKDD and ECML combined from 2008) (ECML PKDD) conference is ranked/rated A according to the CORE 2018 ranking.

Is Icml 2022 Virtual?

The 39th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2022) will be held in Baltimore, Maryland USA July 17-23, 2022 and is planned to be an in-person conference with virtual elements. In addition to the main conference sessions, the conference will also include Expo, Tutorials, and Workshops.

Is PMLR a journal?

The Journal of Machine Learning Research is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal covering machine learning. It was established in 2000 and the first editor-in-chief was Leslie Kaelbling.

Is Neurips recorded?

Each event has a live stream on the top of the page that you can watch during and after the presentation. All recordings will be available about a month after the conference.

How do I submit Neurips?

Paper Submission and Deadline All submissions must be in PDF format. As we do not accept paper submissions, particular care should be taken to ensure that your paper prints well; please consult Section 6 in the PDF example file. Note that the maximum file size for submissions is 10MB.

Is ICLR better than CVPR?

ICCV/CVPR are more focused on impressive demos and state-of-the-art results. NIPS/ICML/ICLR are more focused on the algorithmic principles, and the experiments are usually smaller-scale and aimed at getting insight into the behavior of the algorithms.

Who participates at ICLR?

Participants at ICLR span a wide range of backgrounds,fromacademic and industrial researchers, to entrepreneurs and engineers, to graduate students and postdocs. A non-exhaustive list of relevant topics explored at the conference include: unsupervised, semi-supervised, and supervised representation learning

What is the International Conference on learning representations?

The International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR)is the premier gathering of professionals dedicated to the advancement of the branch of artificial intelligence called representation learning, but generally referred to as deep learning.

Where can I find information about predatory ICLR conferences?

BEWARE of Predatory ICLR conferences being promoted through the World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technologyorganization. Current and future ICLR conference information will be only be provided through this website and Sponsors