How much is a Bracco Italiano dog?

How much is a Bracco Italiano dog?

While there no specific cost for these dogs, the average price of Bracco Italiano puppies tends to be somewhere between $1,200 and $2,500, depending on where they are bred, who bred them, their lineage, and their overall health condition.

Is a Bracco Italiano a good family dog?

Bracco Italiano dogs are well-suited for individuals and families. They do well in houses with yards that have plenty of space for them to burn energy or with active humans who regularly exercise, especially if Braccos are left alone for long periods, such as when their owner goes to work.

How long do Bracco Italiano live?

12 – 13 yearsBracco / Life span

What are Bracco Italiano used for?

These hunting dogs were popular among the Italian noble families, as they were bred by the Medici and Gonzaga families. Their original job was to drive game into nets or flush birds and other prey from falconers. Later, when firearms were used by hunters, the Bracco was used to retrieve game.

Are Bracco Italianos high energy?

They have high energy and love to play games, especially in the yard. They’re fairly easy to train but need a strong and confident trainer. The Bracco Italiano is also great with meeting new humans. They have a strong prey drive due to being originally bred to hunt and chase game.

What breeds make a Bracco Italiano?

Experts consider the Bracco Italiano, or “Italian Pointer,” to be the oldest European pointer. Its exact origins are unknown. But documents dating to the 4th or 5th century BC details a cross between the Segugio Italiano (Coursing Hound) and the Asiatic Mastiff.

Do Bracco Italiano smell?

A distinctive muscular dog with a short coat, the Bracco Italiano is notable for its pendulous ears and Roman nose. Gentle dogs but with a somewhat intimidating look, Braccos are great with children, get on well with other dogs and are low-maintenance. However, they have a musky odour and can be expensive to feed.

Do Bracco Italiano dogs drool?

The Bracco has a very low anesthesia tolerance. The anesthetic Domitor seems to be responsible for one dog’s death – but that could also have been due to human error. Braccos drool somewhat – when excited by food, birds etc.

Is a Bracco Italiano hypoallergenic?

NoBracco / Hypoallergenic