How much did Gas Monkey Garage sell the Ferrari F40 for?

How much did Gas Monkey Garage sell the Ferrari F40 for?

When it was first was put up for auction in 2014, Reggie Jackson put in a final bid of $742,500. In 2015, it changed hands again for $643,500, a $99,000 loss in value. More than likely it changed owners after that sale, but now, in 2019, it’s sold again for $760,000.

Who owns F40 Gas Monkey?

Richard Rawlings
Employer Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill Gas Monkey Garage Gas Monkey Live
Known for Star of Fast N’ Loud and “Garage Rehab” Owner of Gas Monkey Garage
Television Fast ‘n Loud
Spouse(s) Karen K Grames (1993–1994) Suzanne Marie Mergele (1999–2009, 2015–2019) Katerina Rawlings (2020-Present)

How much did gas monkey spend on the F40?

A whopping $695,000 was spent on the whole project by Gas Monkey Garage in 2013, including the $400,000 which was shelled out to buy the wrecked supercar. After it was reborn in 40 days with modern tech, the black F40 was auctioned off for $742,500, with baseball star Reggie Jackson placing the winning bid.

Did Richard Rawlings buy back the F40?

3 Winner: 1991 Ferrari F40 This resurrected car was featured on Fast N’ Loud in 2013, when it was given a new lease on life. It was wrecked in 2011 after a mechanic steered it into a fence, ruining the front end and damaging the chassis. Rawlings’ business partner, Dennis Collins, bought the car for $400,000.

How many Ferrari F40 are left?

Production of the Ferrari F40 started in 1997 and 1,311 F40s were built in total, of which 213 cars were delivered to the US market. Many have crashed over the years, but there are still well over 1,000 cars in existence. In the UK there are currently 94 road registered Ferrari F40s.

How much is a F40 worth?

The Ferrari F40 retail price set records, but so did its resale price. Formula One driver Nigel Mansell sold his F40 in 1990 for over $1.5 million, which held its record until the 2010s. Owning Mansell’s Ferrari clearly drove the F40 price up, but recent sales were around $900,000 in 2019 and in the $700,000s in 2020.