How much DE Does My Hayward filter need?

How much DE Does My Hayward filter need?

However, if you can’t find a suggestion from the manufacturer, you can use a simple rule of thumb: For a full clean or new filter, add one pound of DE powder for every 10 square feet of the filter. So, a 48-square-foot filter will need about five pounds of DE powder.

How do you size a Hayward DE filter?

You should always adhere to the manufacture’s maximum flow rates and be sure not to size a cartridge filter too small as that may cause short cleaning cycles. The best way to determine flow rates for cartridge filters is to use the formula of 3x the flow rate for minimum, and the manufacture’s rating for maximum.

How many pounds is a 60 sq ft filter?

Filter area 60 sq. ft. requires 6.0 lbs of de or 12 1 pound coffee cans.

How big of a DE filter do I need?

Multiply the average depth by the surface area to find the total volume. Or, wrap it all into one formula: L x W x D = V. This is the volume of your pool. If your pool is “L” shaped then break it into two (or more) rectangles and calculate the volume of each, then add the volume together.

Can a filter be too big for a pool?

No. The reason being is that there is no true “minimum flow rate” of a filter. The tank may take longer to fill up if we have a ½ HP pump on a 800 pound commercial sand tank but the filter will still scrub the water to the same standard.

What size filter do I need for a 15000 gallon pool?

For instance, a 16” sand filtered system has a 1.55″ sq. ft filtered area, making it ideal for a 15,000- gallon pool.

What happens if you don’t put enough DE in filter?

If you do not add enough DE to your filter, then the grids are not totally coated with DE and the dirt that goes into your filter will attach itself right to the fabric on the grids and will not backwash off. This will cause your filter to short cycle (go very short times between backwashing).

What happens if you don’t put DE in pool?

Do not operate your filter pump without having the D.E. powder coating the grids, or you will see the filter pressure rise very quickly, and if left in this manner the grids can collapse or the fabric can become clogged or damaged.

What size filter do I need for 20000 gallon pool?

Typical D.E. Filter sizes are 36 sq ft, 48 sq ft, 60 sq ft, and 72 sq ft (they also make a 100 sq ft Quad D.E. Filter). So you can easily get away with using a 48 sq ft D.E. Filter on a 20,000-gallon pool.

How many gallons per minute does a 1 HP pool pump?

You can see from the chart that a 1 horsepower pump will give you 52 gallons per minute on a system with 64 feet of head.

How often should I put DE in my pool?

The D.E. needs to be replenished once the filter is turned back on. Every three months the filter should be taken apart, the grids should be hosed off, and visually inspected for any rips or tears that will cause D.E. to blow back into the pool.

What happens if you don’t add DE to pool filter?

How long does a pool DE filter last?

DE filter grids can last for four or five years with proper care. During cleaning, the grids need to be looked over for damage. Tears in the grids can cause the diatomaceous earth to flow back out into the pool water.