How many union offices are there in Cuddalore district?

How many union offices are there in Cuddalore district?

Development Administration

Details Total
Panchayat Union ( Blocks) 13
Village Panchayat 683

How many villages are there in Cuddalore district?

District Administration:

Name of the Taluk Number of villages in Taluk
Titakkudi Taluk 109 Villages List[44 KB]
Vepur Taluk 53 Villages List[38 kB]
Total NUmber of Villages in Vridhachalam Division 286
Total Number of Villages in Cuddalore District 905

How many villages are there in Virudhachalam?

Vriddhachalam block is a revenue block of Cuddalore district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This revenue block consist of 51 panchayat villages.

Who is the MLA of Cuddalore?

Cuddalore Assembly constituency

Current MLA G. Iyappan
Party DMK
Elected year 2021

What is famous in Virudhachalam?

Vriddhachalam is famous for its ceramic industry. The industry with an industrial estate that only consists of ceramic and refractory manufactures is exclusive in Virudhachalam. The ceramic industrial estate is situated only at Virudhachalam in the whole of Tamil Nadu.

Is virudhunagar a city?

Virudhunagar is a city and the administrative headquarter of the Virudhunagar district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located 506 km (314 mi) southwest of the state capital Chennai and 53 km (33 mi) south of Madurai.

Which is the second municipality in Tamil Nadu?

List of municipal corporations

No City Name of the Body
1 Chennai Greater Chennai Corporation
2 Madurai Madurai Municipal Corporation
3 Coimbatore Coimbatore Municipal Corporation
4 Tiruchirappalli Tiruchirappalli Municipal Corporation

How many unions are there in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu has 388 panchayat unions. Panchayat Union council consists of elected ward members from the villages.

Which is the largest Panchayat in India?

Napasar is one of the largest Gram Panchayat of India….

Napasar Location in Rajasthan, India
Coordinates: 27°57′56″N 73°33′35″E
Country India
State Rajasthan

Which district is Cuddalore?

State Tamil Nadu
District Cuddalore
Region Tondai Nadu