How many officers are in Edmonton police?

How many officers are in Edmonton police?

1,780 police officers
The EPS has approximately 2,500 employees (both sworn and non-sworn) committed to ensuring that the City of Edmonton is a safe place to work and live. With more than 1,780 police officers, the EPS provides around-the-clock safety and security to Edmonton residents.

Does Edmonton have its own police?

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) is the municipal police force for the City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The current chief of the EPS is Dale McFee. The service has three deputy chiefs – two sworn members and a civilian member.

How much does a police check cost in Edmonton?

Enclose a certified cheque or money order for $76 made payable to the ‘City of Edmonton’. If additional Police Information Checks are required, please enclose an additional $76 for each application.

Who is the head police in Edmonton?

Dale McFee – Chief Of Police – Edmonton Police Service | LinkedIn.

How much do cops make in Edmonton?

The annual constable salary ranges from $71,195 to $113,700 but a yearly promotional process allows you to transition to a higher rank. Base salary at any rank can increase if the officer works: overtime (paid at double time) court time on days off and/or time off.

Is it hard to become a police officer in Edmonton?

Recruitment standards are high and the selection process is tough, but achievable. The EPS has minimum requirements that must be met, but meeting these alone does not guarantee suitability. Candidates either do or do not possess the basic qualifications set forth.

How much does the chief of police make in Edmonton?

The estimated salary for a chief of police is $111,339 per year in Edmonton, AB.

Who is Mark Neufeld?

Neufeld joined the Calgary Police Service in 2019 after serving as the Chief of the Camrose Police Service, a smaller community that gave him the opportunity to build strong partnerships with staff and residents to improve quality of life in the city.

How much do Edmonton police make?

Do I need to get a police certificate for my time in Canada?

No. You don’t need to get a police certificate for your time in Canada.

How much do RCMP make in Alberta?

When you successfully complete the Cadet Training Program and have been offered employment, you will be hired as a Constable at an annual salary of $63,210. Usually, within 36 months of service, your annual salary will have increased incrementally to $102,418.

Who is the chief of police in Alberta?

Chief Constable Mark Neufeld. Chief Constable Neufeld believes strongly in providing top-quality police service to the community throu gh professionalism, innovation, and inclusive leadership that is supportive of employees.