How is the new Elvis movie doing at the box office?

How is the new Elvis movie doing at the box office?

‘Elvis’ & ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ In Dead Heat For No. 1 With $30.5M – Sunday AM Box Office.

How much did it cost to make the movie Elvis?

85 million USDElvis / Budget
“Elvis,” which cost about $85 million to make, was propelled by strong reviews (78% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes), good word of mouth (an A- CinemaScore) and a glitzy Cannes Film Festival premiere. It added $20 million overseas over the weekend.

What is the biggest flop in the world?

70 Biggest Movie Flops of All Time

  • Hart’s War. Year: 2002.
  • How Do You Know. Year: 2010.
  • Pan. Year: 2015.
  • The Astronaut’s Wife. Year: 1999.
  • Jupiter Ascending. Year: 2015.
  • The Fall of the Roman Empire. Year: 1964.
  • Around the World in 80 Days. Year: 2004. Budget: $110 million.
  • Dark Phoenix. Year: 2019. Budget: $200 million.

Did Elvis movie best Top Gun?

Beating Tom Cruise by $1 million USD. Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis is The King of the domestic box office as it narrowly surpassed Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick for the top spot.

Which elvis movie made the most money?


  • This was the highest-grossing Elvis Presley movie.
  • Actress/dancer Teri Garr, who played roles in several Elvis movies, was one of the many showgirls in this movie.

Did the Elvis movie do well?

“Elvis” ultimately grossed $31.1 million from Friday to Sunday, according to Warner Bros. ‘ final figures Monday. That’s a touch above the $30.5 million the studio forecast on Sunday. When film studios report box office on Sunday, they’re able to fairly accurately predict Sunday’s ticket sales.

Did Elvis enjoy making films?

In the article, he revealed: “Elvis hardly ever watched the movies he made because he didn’t like most of them. “He’d been given $1 million a picture, plus 50 percent of the net, so he’d been well paid for his work. But he had never had script approval or control over the songs in his pictures, or over anything else.”

How much money did Elvis make in his lifetime?

An estimate by Daily Mail puts Elvis’ earnings during his lifetime at around $100 million, which would be around $400 million today. When he died at the age of 42, he had about $5 million in the bank (about $20.5 million today), according to Forbes.

How true is the Elvis movie?

But how accurate is Elvis, really? We separate fact from fiction in 10 key scenes, in the order they appear in the film, and score each on a scale of zero to 10 on our proprietary Elvis Truth-ometer.