How fast is a Hyosung 250?

How fast is a Hyosung 250?

The Hyosung GT250R is a 249 cc (15.2 cu in) motorcycle manufactured by Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc….Hyosung GT250.

Manufacturer Hyosung
Class Sport bike
Engine 249 cc (15.2 cu in) air-cooled (2005–2009) / oil-cooled (2010–present) four-stroke V-twin
Top speed 180 km/h (110 mph)

How much is a Hyosung 250?

MSRP: $3,699. Engine: 4 stroke, air/oil-cooled.

Is it worth buying Hyosung GT250R?

Really amazing bike in look and driving is on another level . Top speed 132 Mileage 18 in town On nh 23km/l. Out of 100 i give 98 to this bike . 2 point less for its mileage You can boost its speed very easily and it boom the road.

Is Hyosung GT250R a superbike?

Mumbai Korean motorcycle brand Hyosung is making a fresh bid to break into India’s superbike market by launching Hyosung GT250R on Monday.

Are Hyosung motorcycles any good?

Conclusion: Hyosung motorcycles tend to get a bad rep in the motorcycle industry because there are so many other brands that seem to be better, but you must give it a chance. These motorcycles are inexpensive, have low maintenance costs, and are super reliable for beginner riders.

Is Hyosung GT a good bike?

It has great low end torque, good power and it’s smooth until you hit the higher rpm. For a 650cc engine, I’m really impressed with the overall performance of the engine.

What engines do Hyosung use?

Hyosung GV650

Manufacturer Hyosung
Engine 647 cubic centimetres (39.5 cu in) water-cooled DOHC 8-valve 90° V-twin Cylinder bore/stroke 81.5/62mm
Top speed 195 kilometres per hour (121 mph)
Power 72 horsepower (54 kW) carburetor version @9000RPM 75 horsepower (56 kW) EFI @9000RPM
Torque 61.2 newton-metres (45.1 lbf⋅ft)@7500RPM

What is a GT250R?

The GT250R is the first modern 250 sport bike in twenty years.? The chassis is a dual lateral bar frame designed to reduce weight and lower the center of gravity.

What year did the Hyosung GT250R come out?

2016 Hyosung GT250R, 2016 Hyosung GT250R Looking for that real sportbike feel in a first-time bike, Look no further than the GT250R. The aerodynamical…

Is the Hyosung GT 250cc sportbike good?

With electronic fuel injection and outstanding fuel economy, the GT250R is the most proficient sporting machine in the 250CC sportbike class. 2015 Hyosung GT GT250R, 2015 Hyosung GT250R Looking for that real sportbike feel in a first-time bike, Look no further than the GT250R.

What is the warranty on a Hyosung GT250R?

2016 Hyosung GT250R, Includes 6 Month warranty. NO “FREIGHT”- NO “SET-UP”- NO “DOC”- NO “Reconditioning Fee”- the price you see is the price you pay!!… Heads Up… This purchase agreement is solely between you and the vehicle dealer.