How does a PIFA antenna work?

How does a PIFA antenna work?

The PIFA antenna is fed by a coaxial cable through a SMA connector. In this work the different parameters are changed to observe their effects on the characteristics of PIFA as the resonance frequency, the length of the bandwidth and the radiation pattern.

What is directivity of antenna formula?

The efficiency is the ratio between the power emitted for the isotropic antenna respect to the input power in the antenna. The directivity gain D. G. = 4 Pi / omega where omega is the radiation angle of the antenna.

What is the radiation pattern of an inverted L antenna?

The inverted L antenna is simple and easy to construct. The azimuthal radiation pattern is slightly asymmetrical with about 1 to 2 dB increase in the direction opposite to the horizontal wire. The inverted L antenna requires a good buried ground system or elevated radials.

What is the geometry of an inverted-F antenna?

Geometry of Inverted-F Antenna (IFA). The feed is placed from the ground plane to the upper arm of the IFA. The upper arm of the IFA has a length that is roughly a quarter of a wavelength. To the left of the feed (as shown in Figure 1), the upper arm is shorted to the ground plane.

What is planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA)?

The Planar Inverted-F antenna (PIFA) is increasingly used in the mobile phone market. The antenna is resonant at a quarter-wavelength (thus reducing the required space needed on the phone), and also typically has good SAR properties.

What is a Meandered inverted F antenna?

Another variation that may be encountered is the meandered inverted-F antenna (MIFA). Where there is insufficient board space to extend an antenna to the full required length, the antenna may be meandered to reduce its height while retaining its designed electrical length.

What is the shape of a vertical antenna?

The polarization of this antenna is vertical, and the radiation pattern is roughly donut shaped, with the axis of the donut in the vertical direction. The ground plane should be at least as wide as the IFA length (L), and the ground plane should be at least lambda/4 in height.