How do you type subscript in Mathcad Prime?

How do you type subscript in Mathcad Prime?

An Introduction to PTC® Mathcad Prime® 3.0 It is a toggle switch that turns the subscript on and off. To type a literal subscript, type the first part of the variable name, then activate the Subscript control and type the subscript portion of the variable name.

How do you type units in Mathcad?

Click on the units placeholder and choose Unit from the Insert menu. Mathcad opens the Insert Unit dialog box. This is described in detail in “Computing with units” on page 168. Double-click on the unit in terms of which you want to display the result.

How do you do exponents in Mathcad?

The exponent operator in Mathcad is calledsäcky operator because your keystrokes will stick to the exponent position until you specifically move back to the baseline by pressing [Spacebar]. Other sticky operators include square roots, subscripts, and division.

How do you write a subscript variable in Matlab?

To add subscripts to symbolic variables in live scripts, append the corresponding index to the variable using one underscore ( _ ). For example, create two symbolic variables with subscripts using syms . Use these variables in an expression.

What is array subscript in C?

Array Subscript in C is an integer type constant or variable name whose value ranges from 0 to SIZE 1 where SIZE is the total number of elements in the array.

How do I change the default units in Mathcad?

If you want Mathcad to display a unit different from the default unit, click the unit placeholder and type the name of the unit you want displayed. You can also double-click the unit placeholder and select a unit from the Insert Unit dialog box. See Figure 1.13 for some examples of displaying units.

What is subscript variable?

SUBSCRIPTED VARIABLES Often there is a need to assign more than one value per variable, i.e., to connect a group or “array” of values with one variable name. A variable which can take an array of values is referred to as a subscripted variable.

How do you write subscript in C?

Subscript is mentioned within a square bracket and in C subscript begins from 0. This means the first element in an array is referred as array[0] ….

  1. for ( int j = 0 ; j < N ; j++ )
  2. for ( int i = 0 ; i < N ; i++ )
  3. {
  4. dst[i][j] = 0 ;
  5. for ( int k = 0 ; k < N ; k++ )
  6. dst[i][j] += m1[i][k] * m2[k][j] ;
  7. }

How do you simplify units in Mathcad?

PTC Mathcad does not support money conversion….

  1. Click to the right of the units to convert. The cursor appears.
  2. Press Backspace until all the units disappear. In math regions, the result turns gray.
  3. Insert the new units. When you type the units, their names are automatically labeled as units.
  4. Press Enter.

What is the shortcut for subscript?

Keyboard shortcuts: Apply superscript or subscript For superscript, press Ctrl, Shift, and the Plus sign (+) at the same time. For subscript, press Ctrl and the Equal sign (=) at the same time.