How do you start a discussion text?

How do you start a discussion text?

A discussion begins with a brief introduction describing the situation. This introduction has a statement or question and serves the purpose of introducing the reader or listener to the author’s point of view or thesis.

What are the parts of discussion text?

Features of a Discussion Text

  • Statement of the issue plus a preview of the main arguments.
  • Arguments for plus supporting evidence.
  • Arguments against plus supporting evidence.
  • Recommendation – summary and conclusion.

How do you start a discussion question?

Strong discussion questions are anchored to a specific event, scene and/or quote from a text. You should start your discussion questions by pointing your group members of a specific piece of evidence. Possible sentence starters: ▪ “On page ____, I was interested in the scene where _______________________.”

What appropriate tense should be used in a discussion text?

In the discussion section, the past tense is generally used to summarize the findings. But when you are interpreting the results or describing the significance of the findings, the present tense should be used.

Where do you find the text informative?

Informative text can appear in newspapers, textbooks, reference materials, and research papers. Informative text is always nonfiction. This type of writing also has certain characteristics that make this style easier to identify.

What tense is used in discussion text?

Discussion texts are usually written in the present tense. Discussion is a process to find the meet point between two different ideas.

What is an example of a discussion question?

Ask a specific question, one that won’t have an obvious right answer, likely in one of the following categories. Personal reflections: “What do you think about ___?” “How do you feel about ___?” Past experiences: “In the past, how have you responded when ___?” “Have you ever had an experience where ___?”

How do you write a good discussion?


  1. Respect the contribution of other speakers.
  2. Listen well to the ideas of other speakers; you will learn something.
  3. Acknowledge what you find interesting.
  4. Remember that a discussion is not a fight.
  5. Respect differing views.
  6. Think about your contribution before you speak.
  7. Try to stick to the discussion topic.

What tense should an introduction be written in?

Present tense
Introduction –> Present tense The introduction is usually in present tense due to the fact that you are presenting facts and background information on your research topic. By having this information in present tense, you are showing that you believe that this research is correct.

How do you write an information text?

Point out the following bullet points:

  1. “Informational texts are focused on the same topic throughout the piece.”
  2. “Informational texts introduce the topic with a focus statement, develop the topic with evidence such as facts and details, and end with a concluding statement or section.”

How do you start a sentence with a intro?

Use “introducing” in a sentence | “introducing” sentence examples

  1. The declaration asked governments to consider introducing new environmental taxes.
  2. The university diversified the educational program by introducing new subjects.
  3. They’re introducing CCTV cameras in an attempt to cut street crime in the area.