How do you read a court case?

How do you read a court case?

When you read a case, you need to understand what the judge is ruling, of course, and to get the gist of the reasoning the judge uses to reach her decision. However, you also need to have a sense of how the case fits into the larger context of a line of doctrine on a particular issue.

How do you find the case law?

If you are looking for very recent decisions or if it is not important to access a reported version of the case, use Kanoon. It can be searched by citation, party names, keywords, court, date range etc. It can also be browsed by court and year. Kanoon is also free!

How do I search for files and documents in Queensland courts?

Below are options for searching for files and documents used in the various Queensland Courts. See the instructions for details of what you can access in each court. Use the Supreme and District Courts’ eCourts party search facility to find file details based on the party name, file number and other criteria.

Where is the federal court registry in Queensland located?

The Federal Court Registry in Queensland is located in the Harry Gibbs Commonwealth Law Courts at 119 North Quay, Brisbane. The building is at the corner of North Quay and Tank Street.

What does the Federal Court of Australia do?

Federal Court of Australia About The Federal Court The Court decides disputes according to law – promptly, courteously and effectively contributing to the economic and social wellbeing of all Australians. More about the Court

What kind of court cases are there in Queensland?

Supreme Court (Trial Division) Supreme Court unreported judgments Queensland Reports Industrial Court District Court Planning and Environment Court Land Court and Land Appeal Court Magistrates Court Coroners Court Childrens Court Mental Health Court Law lists Daily law lists Courts calendars Contacts All courthouses Childrens Court