How do you clear a fault on a Fanuc robot?

How do you clear a fault on a Fanuc robot?


  1. Turn on FANUC.
  2. Turn the key to Auto mode on Robot.
  3. Move the switch on the Teaching Pendant (TP) to OFF.
  4. Press Select on the TP and scroll down to the appropriate communication program.
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Hit Reset to clear any Faults (Red LED on)
  7. Hit the green Start button on the Fanuc controller.

What is superimposed machining?

Superimposed machining is made possible by a combination of sub-spindle axis movement in X and Z and 3 programming channels permitting the machine to cut with 3 or even 4 tools at the same time. This functionality is not limited to simple trajectories, thread cutting is possible too.

What is UOP Fanuc?

FANUC Robotics offers numerous predefined signals, called User Operator Panel (UOP) signals, that can be accessed and used to understand the current condition of the robot.

How do I disable DCS Fanuc?


  1. PRESS –> [ MENU ]
  2. SELECT –> [ 0 ] 0 NEXT.
  3. SELECT –> [ 6 ] 6 SYSTEM.
  4. SELECT –> [ 7 ] 7 DCS (see screenshot)
  5. Using arrow, SELECT –> 1 of the 4 first option (see screenshot)
  6. PRESS –> [ F3 ] [ DETAIL ]
  7. PRESS –> [ F3 ] [ DETAIL ] (see screenshot)
  8. Using arrow, SELECT –> Line 2 Enable/Disable (see screenshot)

What is a UOP signal?

What is T1 and T2 in Fanuc?

T1 and T2 are for teaching and testing the robot. T1 limits the tool center point (TCP) speed to a nice and safe 250mm/sec. If your robot has T2, you probably have an older robot or you’re outside the US.

What does DCS stand for Fanuc?

Dual Check Safety
Dual Check Safety (DCS) Explained. FANUC’s Dual Check Safety (DCS) control architecture includes safety functions that can be used by the robot cell system designer/programmer to reduce floor space requirements and make fenceless robot cells more feasible.

What is Fanuc DCS?

FANUC DCS is a smart integrated software solution designed to keep operators, robots and tooling completely safe. With no need to invest in costly, space-taking safety equipment, it also helps keep the space required for robot cells to a minimum.

What is a FANUC alarm code?

What is a FANUC Alarm Code? A FANUC alarm code, also called a FANUC fault or error code, is how a CNC control indicates there is a problem. This error message could indicate issues with either the machine itself, be that electric or mechanical. The FANUC error code might also indicate an issue with the g-code program.

What does a 100 alarm on the power output mean?

The 100 alarm indicates that the power has to be cycled, because an important parameter has changed. Push Estop: sometimes you need that to change parameters. Parameters look good. The problem is that I dont able to make changes, the only inputs that I’m allowed to do are in the offset page. Is any other way to disable the Parameter Write Enable?

How do I order a new FANUC servo amplifier?

Get your new FANUC servo amplifier or check out our FANUC servo motors. To order a replacement part or a repair job, please call 800-691-8511 or email [email protected]. Curious about other common FANUC CNC problems?