How do I install Elo touchscreen driver?

How do I install Elo touchscreen driver?

Install the Driver

  1. Disconnect the USB cable from the monitor; this must be done before running setup.
  2. Open the Customer Display Drivers folder on the desktop and double-click setup.exe.
  3. Select the driver type to be installed, click Install, then click OK.

How do I turn on Elo touchscreen?

To check if the touch-screen has been disabled, right-click on the ELO icon in system tray. If it is disabled there will be an entry called “Enable Touch”. Clicking this will enable the touch screen. This can also be found by clicking on the “Advanced” button on the “Properties 1”-tab on the ELO properties dialog.

How do I connect my ELO to my computer?

Connect one end of the power adapter to the monitor and the other end to the connector of the power cord. 2. Connect one end of either the touchscreen serial (RS232) cable or the touchscreen USB cable (but not both) to the rear side of the computer and the other end to the LCD monitor.

Where are Elo touch screens made?

The pioneer of the touchscreen, Elo now has 20+ million retail and hospitality installations in 80+ countries with products designed in California and built to last with a three-year standard warranty. The Elo touchscreen experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation.

What is an Elo device?

Elo Touch produce multiple products that are ready to be enhanced by an imageHOLDERS enclosure. Elo Touch have manufactured Touchscreen Monitors, Touchscreen Signage, POS Terminals, Touchscreen Computers, Open Frame Touchscreens and Touchscreen Display Modules.

Who owns Elo?

The Gores Group acquired Elo from TE Connectivity (NYSE: TEL) in June 2012.

How many employees does Elo Touch have?

510 employees
How many Employees does Elo Touch Solutions have? Elo Touch Solutions has 510 employees.

Who is the founder of elographics?

Photography by Chuck Bales and Richard Gardner. Elographics, Inc. was founded by ten stockholders in March, 1971, to produce Graphical Data Digitizers for use in research and industrial applications, with the principal being Dr. Sam Hurst.

How do I register my Elo device?

To power the register, plug one end of the power cable to the register power port, and the other end to the wall. Press the register power button to turn the Elo PayPoint Register on. Press and hold power button when the register is on to bring up the Shut Down option screen.

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Where are Elo touchscreens manufactured?