How do I change font size in Apex?

How do I change font size in Apex?

1 Answer

  1. navigate to page’s property palette.
  2. find the Inline CSS property.
  3. put this into it: .a-GV-cell { font-size: 30px ! important; }
  4. run the page.

How do I use Apex font?

Getting Started. Download and extract Font APEX, and then simply include a link to the Font APEX css file in your HTML header. To display the icon in your UI, use the following markup and just replace the fa-apex with class for the icon you want to use. To display the larger size icons, add the fa-lg modifier class.

How do I change the color of text in Apex?

Best Answer You just add your definition to CSS Inline field of your page or to make it global you could open the Theme Roller and add it to the “Custom CSS” field (assuming APEX 5. x). Then on the “CSS Classes” field of your item, you simply enter “custom”.

How do you change the color of font awesome icons?

To change the color of the icons, simply add or change the “color” property in the CSS. So to change the color of the icons to red in the above example, add “color:red” to the .

How do I change the font in code?

To change font size in HTML, use the CSS font-size property. Set it to the value you want and place it inside a style attribute. Then add this style attribute to an HTML element, like a paragraph, heading, button, or span tag.

Can we customize Font Awesome icons?

Font Awesome icons can be customized even further using your own CSS. We’ve even added CSS Custom Properties to our style toolkit options.

What font is used in coding?

We use monospace fonts to keep code aligned. Courier is just one of many monospace fonts. They are also called fixed-width fonts.

How do I change icon font?

Creating an Icon font

  1. Step 1: Drag & drop selected SVG’s and create a new set.
  2. Step 2: Select all the icons you wish to include in the font.
  3. Step 3: Generate the font.
  4. Step 4: Rename all the icons and define a unicode character for each (optional)
  5. Step 5: Download the generated files.