Does Broomfield have an A&E?

Does Broomfield have an A&E?

Broomfield Hospital – Accident and Emergency (A&E) The Emergency Department offers immediate emergency and urgent care to the patients of mid Essex 365 days per year.

How many wards does Broomfield Hospital have?

There are 21 inpatient wards and 502 inpatient beds at the Broomfield hospital site.

What should u go to A&E for?

This includes breathing difficulties, chest pain, life-threatening injuries or loss of consciousness. If your health concern is urgent, but not life threatening, please contact NHS 111.

How long is the wait in A&E Basildon?

At 0700 hrs the average waiting time at A and E was 3hrs and 35 mins. At 0800 hrs, the average waiting time at A and E was 3hrs 48mins.

How many beds does Broomfield Hospital have?

800Broomfield Hospital / Number of beds

What is a trauma ward?

Trauma Ward This is a specialist ward with patients who can have a variety of injuries. There is a trauma consultant that will look after all patients on the ward, together with other doctors, trauma nurses and therapists.

Does Basildon Hospital have A&E?

Patients who need urgent medical attention for a condition that is NOT LIFE-THREATENING are being urged to go to Orsett Minor Injuries Unit rather than Basildon Hospital A&E.

Does Basildon Hospital have a walk in Centre?

You don’t need to book an appointment ahead of time or be registed with a doctor at a walk-in centre. If you don’t need emergency treatment, however, Push Doctor is a more convinient way to recieve medical advice from NHS proffesionals.

When did Chelmsford and Essex hospital close?

Chelmsford and Essex Hospital was a health facility in New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex. It was managed by Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust….

Chelmsford and Essex Hospital
Type General
Opened 1818
Closed c.2004

Who is the head of Broomfield Hospital?

Helen Clarke –
Helen Clarke – Head of Governance – Broomfield Hospital | LinkedIn.

What’s the difference between A&E and UCC?

Differences Between Urgent Care Centers and A&E The difference between the two comes down to what defines a medical emergency. Dangerous conditions that are not life-threatening but still require attention within 24 hours should not be taken to the ER, but urgent care centers.

How good is Basildon Hospital?

Basildon University Hospital has achieved high scores for all its eight clinical areas, after the health regulator found significant improvements and gave a ‘good’ rating for the quality of critical care delivered to patients.

Is Basildon a nice place to live?

Basildon is a well-connected Essex town with a solid mix of travel options and three railway stations. The main train station for the town, Basildon Railway Station, runs regular commuter services to London Fenchurch Street, most of which take between 30 and 40 minutes.

Is Broomfield Hospital private?

Broomfield Hospital | Chelmsford, Essex | Private Healthcare UK.