Do Easter eggs go on sale?

Do Easter eggs go on sale?

Grocers typically sell off unsold chocolate eggs at a discount after Easter in order to clear stock. Discounts will vary across supermarkets and branches, as it depends on how many the shops have left over. Some might not have any Easter eggs on sale at all if they sold out before the big day.

Do Aldi do Easter eggs?

You can browse the full Easter egg collection from Aldi via the website here. The Aldi website has even more eggs on offer – featuring cookies and cream, Eton mess and chocolate orange flavours.

Who is selling half price Easter eggs?

Supermarkets including Morrisons and Tesco are selling leftover Easter eggs up to 50% off and prices start at just £1.75. SHOPPERS looking to get bargain leftover Easter eggs can get them for up to 50% less from supermarkets including Tesco and Morrisons.

Can I buy Aldi Easter eggs online?

With not long to go until Easter Sunday (April 17), Aldi have released an incredible range of chocolate eggs in stores and online, including extravagant-looking creations that no chocoholic will be able to say no to.

How much are the Easter eggs at Aldi?

Looking for a gift for some bunny special? New this Easter is Aldi’s letterbox-friendly Chocolate Egg Slab (£3.99, 120g). The thick slab of egg-shaped chocolate comes with White & Blonde Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Raspberry, and Milk & White Chocolate.

How many calories are in a Thorntons Easter egg?

There are 542 calories in 100 g of Thorntons Chocolate Easter Egg.

Does Lidl sell Easter eggs?

Lidl Deluxe Single Origin Easter Egg Lidl has plenty of chocolatey treats on offer this year and a lot them are dark chocolate. Shoppers can choose from the ‘Ecuadorian’ dark chocolate, which has a ‘slight hint of orange’ on the lizard design. You can also opt for ‘Madagascan’ dark chocolate if you prefer it.

Do poundland sell Easter eggs?

While Poundland does as its name suggests (all their eggs except the giant one are a pound) you do mostly get the basics there. If you want some of the fancier Easter Eggs that are bigger and include more treats, you need to branch out to the other shops – and fork out a bit more money.