Are the singers of oh wonder together?

Are the singers of oh wonder together?

Oh Wonder are an English, London-based alt-pop duo consisting of Anthony Vander West and Josephine Vander West (née Vander Gucht). Since releasing their debut album, they have seen international success with their alt-pop singles.

Is Oh Wonder back together?

Oh Wonder are back with a new album. The alt-pop English duo is set to release their fourth studio album 22 Break featuring the titular track, as well as their new song ‘Don’t Let The Neighbour Hear. ‘ The new album, out on 8 October, will be the follow-up to 2020’s No One Else Can Wear Your Crown.

What kind of music is oh wonder?

adult alternative electro-pop
The airy, adult alternative electro-pop tunes of London duo Oh Wonder are often recognizable for their distinctive vocal unison. A project started as a songwriting exercise, they charted in the U.K. and elsewhere with their 2015 eponymous debut of keyboard-and-drum machine songs.

Are Josephine and Anthony dating?

The girlfriend/boyfriend London duo of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony Westand have just released their third album No One Else Can Wear Your Crown and Josephine says it was nice to finally come clean about their romantic relationship.

Are Oh Wonder married?

Luckily, this new chapter in their musical catalog allowed them to grow closer again. Oh Wonder was officially a married couple this past August, a clear example that love can truly conquer all, even if the music industry tries to test it.

Are oh wonder married?

Is Oh Wonder breaking up?

The duo was completely candid about the album’s meaning and inspiration. In their YouTube live announcement released Sept. 22, West and Vander Gucht revealed how they broke up during the pandemic and made an album to figure out how to process, then find their way back to each other.

Where is Josephine Vander Gucht from?

Josephine Vander West (née Vander Gucht) is 1/2 of the alt-pop duo, Oh Wonder. She was born on April 5, 1990 in London, England.

Did Oh Wonder break up?

Who sang Layla first?

Derek and the Dominos
“Layla” is a song written by Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon, originally recorded by Derek and the Dominos, as the thirteenth track from their only studio album, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (1970).

Who is supporting Oh wonder?

Oh Wonder have announced details of their 2022 UK and European tour. Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West will tour next year in support of their upcoming fourth album ’22 Break’, which is set for release on October 8.

Why did they call themselves Derek and the Dominos?

Clapton recalls that Ashton suggested “Del and the Dominos”, having taken to calling the guitarist “Derek” or “Del” since the Delaney & Bonnie tour the previous year.

Why is Derek and the Dominoes called that?

As Clapton recalls, it was Ashton that suggested “Del and the Dominos,” having taken to calling the guitarist “Derek” or “Del” since the Delaney & Bonnie tour. However, according to Whitlock, “the Dynamics” was the name they chose and Ashton mispronounced it when introducing the band.

What happened to Bobby Whitlock?

Following his return, Whitlock has recorded and performed with his wife, CoCo Carmel, and since 2006 with other musicians based in Austin, Texas. Among his and Carmel’s projects, Other Assorted Love Songs, Live from Whitney Chapel contains acoustic interpretations of songs originally recorded by Derek and the Dominos.