Are all 9 volt power cords the same?

Are all 9 volt power cords the same?

– Yes, they are likely interchangeable even though voltage is not the same. This is because the voltage difference is within specs, and I am GUESSING you could go even higher or lower in voltage. Those are some very beefy supplies by the way!

Can I use a 12V DC power supply on a 9V DC?

If you have a 12V adapter, you might wonder whether you can use it to power your 9V guitar pedals. In most cases, you cannot use a 12V adapter to power a 9V guitar pedal. Using a 12V adapter on a pedal designed to only handle 9V can completely destroy it.

Can I use a 12V DC power supply on a 12V AC?

If it is for example, a typical 7812 12V regulator, it needs at least 14V to work properly. If its a lower voltage regulator (say, unlikely 9V or 5V) it might work fine. With AC, current flows through 4 diodes, feeding DC only uses 2. So they have to handle double the current (which may or may not be fine).

Can I use 12V 1A for 9V 1A?

NO! Your output voltage is wrong, which is the important part. You can safely use an adapter with the same output voltage, and a current (A/mA) rating equal or higher than the original.

Can I use 12V 1a for 9V 1a?

What is a DC 9V plug in for?

AC-DC 9-VOLT ADAPTOR The adaptor converts AC wall power to 9-volt DC for powering most instrument pedals and other 9-volt battery devices. The tip negative, sleeve positive power supply can handle 500mA to power even your most power hungry devices.

Can I use 9V adapter for 12V?

Can I use a 9V adapter for 12V? Well, no. Not if the device to be powered requires 12V. In some cases, a device may be rated for a range of operating voltages, so it might function at anything between 9–12V, but will behave optimally at 12V.

Can you use 12V for 9V?

You can’t use a 12V adapter to power a 9V guitar pedal. A pedal that only handles 9V can be destroyed by using a 12V adapter. It’s possible for a power supply to ruin your pedal even if you get the voltage right.