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Currently writing an essay on how you, John Hay, and Robert Finch are all related. I'd kill to know exactly why you moved to Cape Cod...

Hi David... Esophageal varices? Why not just call it what it is? He died of alcoholism... Right?

Hello David, aside from being a fan, I run UtahOutsider and would like to meet and quickly interview you when you visit The King's English this weekend. Please let me know how we might be able to make this happen. I can be reached at or 207 504 7837

Looking forward to attending your reading in June in Moab. I was surprised to see Saskatchewan portrayed as Stegner's birthplace on the sleeve of the book. I always thought that he was born in the US, but moved to Saskatchewan as a child. Did I have that wrong?

Dave, I'm reading your new book on Abbey & Stegner and you should know that on page 61 you mischaracterize a fire in the Gila as a "million-acre" fire. I've seen them all out here for thirteen years now and we set the state record with a fire of just under 300,000 acres in 2012. Whitewater-Baldy we called it. But hey -- otherwise deeply engaged with the book. Cheers.

Hey Dave,

I think I'm going to use the video of your "transfmormation" in a new workshop I'm designing called the "Improvisational Facilitator" (going for novel beginnings) - In other news we just had a pig roast and we miss you guys!

The third photo is lacking you holding the bottled beverage your "rival" was enjoying in the first two. Good photo journalism, but not as intricate, and lacking some of the production values of, "The Trickle-Down Theory", which is now destined to be a collectors item... wish I hadn't loaned mine to Liz Nichols. Send me your new address, I've something to sent [sic] you. Tommy

i don't understand the song

your rendition of "Brandy" sung on the beach in Florida (at a tournament that i don't remember)was a high-light of my Titanic career. And yes they won after i retired also... But to me you will always be "the crusher" Bubba

Mr. Gessner, thanks to the great crew from DPOF you have a new fan. Several of your books are on my Christmas wish list. After reading about your style of writing, I decided I must read your books in whole. The descriptions were great now I need the whole books! I will be adding my name to the preordering list of Osprey lovers, and will be waiting impatiently for your new Osprey saga! a new fan regalaslan14

Love your work and dig the site, but what I'm really craving is another Nina book! Why must we wait so long!? More Nina! -Heather

Wormtown is a black humor memoir about my year in my hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts. The year was neatly bisected by my 30th birthday and it was during my birthday week that I was operated on for testicular cancer. I have tried to interest publishers in the book for years but apparently missing testicle stories aren't that popular (except in Lance's case).

Could you tell us about your novel "Wormtown"? Thanks

Dave: If you ever need inspiration for a title, you may want to consider "one less egg to fry" - which is undoubtedly the single greatest lyric phrase ever written. I was saving it for the title of my own book, but since I'll probably never write one, you can have it. That's what buddies are for...BD

Yes, what is your 2006 schedule? Why not come to the Chesapeake Bay to witness the arrival of the osprey?

Wish it were more up to date, like aren't you going to be in Virginia in early 2006?

I've got it! Combine the "Brandy" theme with Jerry Rafferty's "Baker Street"! Matt

Website's okay but it could use a few less cute baby photos and more Brandy. Doesn't Tom Greene sing it near the beginning of Charlie's Angels? That might be a good place to start... Matt, Kumiko, Genki and Jumi

Clearly you won the bet! your pal Kargs

Gersh - You are clearly the best writer on the planet, by far. Your prose is matched only by the screaming overheads and sick layouts reverberating on fields around the country to this day. Clearly you are still doing your ankle stretches properly. Chuck

PS much love as always, to My Miss.H "how many kitties on Hadleys shirt???" xxxxx Aunty J

Brandy???? "How long, has this been goin on?" I never would have allowed that in your youth!!!! because, "baby baby don't get hooked on me" but "If I could put time in a bottle, " I would remember , "lonely days, loney night, where would i be?" without your childhood and helping with "memories" so "knock three times" if you ever need me.."just call and I'll be there" "love you like a rock" lol Aunty "J"

just becauce u stuck Brandy in My Head, "Someone left a cake out in the rain, I don't think that I can take it, cause it took so long to bake it, and I'll never find that recipe again!"

great now that song is stuck in my head for another 20yrs! keep it going, good stuff..

Mr. David Gessner, you are indeed the greatest ultimate player ever to never win the Club Nationals...except for me. Like you I left great teams so they could improve and win without me (Titanic and DC). I even made South Bay that much surprise (quit laughing). While I did win College and Master Natls, you are still my noble savage idol. Just bought Sick of Nature for me and another ol' crusty vet. Hadley's awesome. P.S. Wasn't it Frac 29 rather than Frac 49? Oh the memories.

Just another fine example of the benefits of a Worcester Public Schools education.

I would never mock Brandy. DG

This better be a Brandy tribute and not a MockBrandy. Is there a better lyric anywhere, "What a good wife you would be?" Plus, it's on the Charlie's Angels soundtrack for a reason. --LeRoi

It's au pair, Mom. Not babysitter.

Great website! Your babysitter, Kim, looks like a really great kid. I hear she writes, too. Karen S., Aurora, OH

Where's the sound clip of the author singing "Brandy?"

What posessed you to include the lyrics to Brandy? Not 5 minutes ago, during a phone conversation i was joking about how often the local radio station plays "Brandy." WORC (Wormtown's "Moldy Oldies" station) plays it 2-3 times daily. Its a fine song its just been played to death here. Other than internet radio, WORC is the only radio station I can receive at my shop. So... What is the significance of Brandy? Hear me say... "It's a good site, (its a good site) What a fine site it will be (such a fine site) Maybe it'll give Junger nightmares at sea." Please take this in the lighthearted spirit in which its intended. I'll always check-out links. Thanks for sharing and keep it honest. Ian

The Brandy thing just gave me flashbacks of the whole Mrs. Robinson episode. At least here I can edit my comments before I post. -buck

Your website is very nice. But don't you think a tribute to your inspiration and hero, Gus would be appropriate? Sincerely, Someone who is not Gus

you da money!

Where's the porn?

I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho

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